Harris Supports NDP Bill to remove HST on home heating

November 25, 2011

Conservatives and NDP vote together to bring much-needed relief on home energy bills

QUEEN’S PARK — Today, Kitchener-Conestoga MPP Michael Harris voiced his strong support to scrap Dalton McGuinty’s HST on home heating bills.

During the recent provincial election both the PC and NDP party platforms committed to eliminating the provincial portion of the HST on home heating bills to provide much-needed relief for Ontario families. Today’s private member’s bill introduced by NDP MPP Michael Mantha is a good step towards getting home energy bills under control.

The majority vote (54-50) in the Legislature with all 37 PC and 17 NDP members voting together in favour of the bill puts the Opposition on track to deliver real results for families in Kitchener-Conestoga and across the province.

Though out-numbered in the legislature, McGuinty can still choose to block this bill from making it to third reading, and has vowed to do so. By standing in the way of this bill, the Liberals are denying families the relief they need – and sending a strong message that they’re not serious about working with opposition members to address the needs of ordinary Ontarians.
In support of this bill, Harris will launch an online petition on Friday, Nov. 25, calling on McGuinty and his Liberal government to join the majority in the Legislature and vote to scrap the provincial portion of the HST on home heating. Click here to sign the petition.


“We all know as Canadians that home heating is not a luxury – that’s why we’ve been campaigning long and hard to remove the HST from electricity and home heating bills. I’m disappointed that all Liberal MPPs voted against lowering home energy costs for Ontario families.” ~ Michael Harris, MPP Kitchener-Conestoga

“From Baden to Breslau, Elmira to Kitchener – everywhere I go people tell me their hydro and home energy bills have skyrocketed and they need some relief. Taking the provincial HST off energy bills is a good start.” ~ Michael Harris, MPP Kitchener-Conestoga